Monday, 26 October 2009

Give Frankie Boyle Your Attention

Looking at this blog of mine, it is obvious from the time elapsed since last posting, that I have hardly a thought in my head, or at any rate, very few with enough coherence to write down. Sorry about that. However, I have not spent the intervening time unprofitably, for though most televisual offerings are a bag of the stuff that comes out of bull's bottoms, I have found a little diamond among the dross.

Frankie Boyle just makes me laugh out loud at his irreverently sharp non-pc wit, thank God for him and it. He is my hero on "Mock the Week" and can out-wit, out-shock and just out-do everybody on there. Oh, for a glinting glance from those bespectacled eyes, followed by a few words in that inimitable Scottish accent. Bet Frankie would have a fit if he thought he appealed so strongly to 60 year old grannies like myself.

Go Frankie, go! You light up the dark winter nights like a beacon of common sense and downright wickedness and I love you for it, wee lad.