Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Serendipity - BBC Radio 4"The Music Group"

By sheer good fortune, while waiting for a bacon and egg flan to cook, I tuned into my favourite radio station, BBC Radio 4 at 1.30 pm GMT today. There were four intelligent people sharing and discussing a beloved song or piece of music. Well, one Terry Deary, writer of children's books, not only chose one of my long-forgotten favourites (at least I think he is all but forgotten), Tom Paxton, but also sang the song. I was over the moon to discover that I remembered every word from 45 years ago, and could sing them in the right key. Thank you Terry. Some going for somebody who can never find the house keys when rushing for a bus.

Terry sang, then discussed the song "Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound" and every word he said about its meaning and power was true. Simple, monosyllabic, delightful rhymes which encompassed the whole human condition in a beautifully crafted song. So I am going to dust off my double vinyl Tom Paxton album and enjoy such classics as "My Lady's a Wild-flying Dove," "Jennifer's Rabbit," "The Last Thing on My Mind" and many more. I also urge anyone with a love of melody, irony and quality to listen to the works of Tom Paxton and just see what I am talking about. Thanks to Terry Deary and to the BBC for a wonderful programme. I think they are repeating it on Saturday, 18 April and I for one will be tuned in to next week's episode. The Music Group is so worth a listen. A little gem, real serendipity today.

Friday, 3 April 2009


I had emailed my friend Eric Lester about the shenanigans going on in the family, though I did not elaborate, and he came back with a great line that made me laugh in the midst of despair. He said his family was rather shenanigated too, which was no fun when it was your own kin. I am almost positive no such word exists, but it was so appropriate and amusing. Which brings me to the point here (sighs of relief, as boredom sets in). Eric has several blogs but the one titled "Dictionary of Interesting Words" is sure worth a visit if you want to be amused, amazed and enlightened.

When I get time to stop having to sort everybody's lives out, then maybe I will get a chance to read it some more and comment. Worth looking at, anybody who loves language, believe me.