Thursday, 21 May 2009

A Great Result!

The absolutely fabulous Joanna Lumley must be over the moon, as the Gurkhas have won the right to settle in Britain,proving that at last, a bit of justice has emerged. I do not want to sound all gung ho and rah, rah, but these people have supported and fought for this country for years, and if any group deserved to be able to live here, then they do. Joanna fought too, without fear, without taking any nonsense or double talk from the politicians, and with the people of the nation behind her. What a victory and well done. Welcome to these wonderful people and their families, I hope you will be treated with the respect and honour you so rightly deserve, having earned these and more. That's it folks.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Ingorance of the Law is No Defence!

I think I heard somebody say that, or maybe I read it, or could it be wishful thinking on my part, but it sure is making a comeback as our glorious representatives in government rush to empty their pockets and show their many and varied receipts for things they "didn't know I couldn't claim for that." and so on and so forth and yawn and oh yeah! There is a song lurking at the back of my mind, which for some reason I associate tentatively with Roy Orbison. It is "Running Scared" and I think it would be a tip top election campaign anthem for every major UK political party.

If anybody out there reads this and can think of one better, please leave a comment and a suggestion, which I will polish up and send to Westminster. Oh what fun I will have. Meanwhile, I have better things to do, but am filled with regret that I didn't buy a simple account book and enter all the totals of moneys repaid therein, then, under Freedom of Information Act, demand the totals of moneys improperly spent. No, too, too long winded and boring for a mathematical dunce such as I. But I certainly hope somebody is in charge of doing hard sums and keeping account. It would be lovely to hear the final figures, should I live that long.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

And Now We Make Reparation!

They are all putting their hands in their pockets, falling over themselves in their eagerness to repay what they should not have taken in the first place. Our government and opposition MPs, I mean. Golly, they will surely be welcomed at Heaven's pearly gates for such firm purpose of amendment and expressions of regret.

I await the next election to see whether this "too little, too late" empty gesture has had the desired effect. Perhaps we the voters will abstain from supporting those who failed us and show them just what we really think. It's a bugger, when we have reached a stage in our history where trust is just a word on paper, or even worse, part of the title of some financial organisation. Oh well, the public coffers may yet be swelled and those who deserve to benefit, receive help. My breath will not be held on that one.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Can we Start a Democratic Revolution, Blogger of the UK?

As I walk to the village post office, about one and a half miles away, I pass at least three homes with repossession notices posted. I feel saddened by the plight of the people who can no longer afford to keep a roof over their head, or to support their family. In the city, the only shops I see full of people buying are those which offer "EVERYTHING FOR £1!" There is ample evidence here in the UK that its citizens are suffering under the current economic crises. More sinister and frightening is the set of thieves, liars and morally bereft individuals who form the government with which we have been burdened.

My blood boils and I am rendered speechless with rage as I listen to the news on BBC Radio 4. I hear more and more examples of how the money belonging rightly to those citizens is being grabbed and squandered by the very people we hoped would run our country in a honest, fair and democratic way. Some bloody hopes! The Mother of All Parliaments" is now a nest of corruption and greed, sinking under the lies, cheating and false promises of our so-called leaders and representatives. The hypocrisy of all those who have misused funds and abused privileges for their own gain absolutely beggars belief.

They have bleated constantly that they have done nothing wrong, they have stayed within the rules, so it is fine to own three houses, paid for by the voters, or to buy expensive baubles for Christmas, or to have expensive repairs carried out, all at the expense of a population struggling to make ends meet. My friend suggested to me that the army should be sent in to rout them out, throw them in the Tower of London and set up a government with integrity and moral backbone. He thought Joanna Lumley, who has so successfully championed the cause of our brave Gurkhas could head up such a team.

My plea is that all bloggers get online and offer their opinions on the disgusting misuse of public money and the even worse lack of morality and integrity. They might also like to suggest what could be done to address the issue of actually having a decent government. I know it might sound like daydreaming, but not having been involved in any revolutionary activities, I am not sure how to go about it.

The process of getting rid of those currently in power, where the Tower is utilized, certainly holds some appeal, but the Crown Jewels had better be taken away to a safe place first, if that pack of thieves and vagabonds are to be incarcerated there. Next, I would like to see a coalition government formed, made up of individuals with intelligence, integrity and bravery in equal measure. My ideal leaders would include the following, simply because I believe they possess these qualities: Ian Hislop, Jeremy Paxman, John Humphries, Jo Brand, Joanna Lumley and Anne Robinson. They could, if they deemed it necessary, enlist the aid of those politicians they believe to be honest and trustworthy, there are a few I believe.

So that is quite enough for one blog, I think. Should I not return to check on the progress of this revolutionary idea, then you better start baking cakes with files in, big metal files I mean, as I am more than likely to have been arrested and put in prison for daring to state what many people think. So come on bloggers, show your feelings on this most vital of issues and help us get some greatness back.

Monday, 11 May 2009

No Sensible Thoughts to Collect!

For many a long day, and night, I have been assailed with guilt for not being a good blogger. (I haven't really, but like to exaggerate for the sake of effect). Honestly, though, I have been feeling a slight guilty twinge for not keeping up! It is just the nature of blogging, or rather the lack of discipline in this particular blogger, that ties me up in knots of empty pages and inaccurate words. Hence my absence.

There is also something real which is interfering with the mechanics of my intellectual powers, and that is being lost for words, or at any rate, the correct words to say exactly what I want to. There is a reason for this, one that I have briefly touched on with my oncologist. The hormone inhibitor, anti-cancer drug I have to take is making me forget what I want to express. Here is an example: "What are those glass tube things called, you know, you put them over Bunsen burners and do experiments?" My spouse looked at me as though I had taken leave of what little remaining senses I possessed and answered laconically "Test tubes." Aah, of course, those where the very words I could not find.

I sought in vain for the word to describe someone evil and kept coming up with "saintly" when in fact I needed "devilish" - actually, if my head was functioning correctly, I would not give either of those the time of day, I would have had much better vocabulatory weapons at my disposal. So on that cringing, ever so Uriah Heep humble note, I take my leave. If any followers read this, please comment and let me know it made some tiny little iota of sense. Then again.....