Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Fry's English Delight BBC Radio 4 Does it Again

I have come to accept that as a blogger, I would make a good trapeze artist. I simply do not have the discipline to get the thoughts collected and transferred to my world wide audience, all 20 of them. Apologies all round folks. But I just have to share this brilliant quote from the inimitable, eccentric and delightful Stephen Fry, bless him. In his programme this morning on the English language in all its glory, he said "Computers oil the wheels of the handcart in which we are all going to hell." Isn't that just magnificent? I wish I had said it myself, but there you are, he is a genius and I am a lazy bones.


  1. I've missed you. I'm not so sure about the handcart thing. Perhaps it's one of the vehicles that carry us to that destination. I wonder.