Thursday, 17 June 2010

Football, dear Football! A Woman's Perspective.

It is with some shock that I realize my last post on this blog was January 2010, but so much has happened that my head has not been working properly - still isn't if the truth be told. What I am here to say is in support of those women whose men are football crazy, men who now have a free reign to their madness, thanks to the World Cup. I thank the stars above and all other heavenly bodies, that the males of this household give not a jot nor a tittle for the "Beautiful Game."

We are happy to search the channels for anything that does not contain a lot of men running around after a ball, while tribal chanting eggs them on from every direction. As my good friend said, after only two days of the tournament had passed, "Oh God, I wish our television was broken."

Ah, but every cloud has a silver lining and so we women have all taken up walking, running and jogging, and the result should be a lot of very fit women and some disgruntled menfolk. Or if not disgruntled, slightly fatter and less-fit menfolk, thanks to sitting in chairs, shouting, swearing and cheering, while watching the games on TV. Roll on the end of the whole carry on.

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