Monday, 11 May 2009

No Sensible Thoughts to Collect!

For many a long day, and night, I have been assailed with guilt for not being a good blogger. (I haven't really, but like to exaggerate for the sake of effect). Honestly, though, I have been feeling a slight guilty twinge for not keeping up! It is just the nature of blogging, or rather the lack of discipline in this particular blogger, that ties me up in knots of empty pages and inaccurate words. Hence my absence.

There is also something real which is interfering with the mechanics of my intellectual powers, and that is being lost for words, or at any rate, the correct words to say exactly what I want to. There is a reason for this, one that I have briefly touched on with my oncologist. The hormone inhibitor, anti-cancer drug I have to take is making me forget what I want to express. Here is an example: "What are those glass tube things called, you know, you put them over Bunsen burners and do experiments?" My spouse looked at me as though I had taken leave of what little remaining senses I possessed and answered laconically "Test tubes." Aah, of course, those where the very words I could not find.

I sought in vain for the word to describe someone evil and kept coming up with "saintly" when in fact I needed "devilish" - actually, if my head was functioning correctly, I would not give either of those the time of day, I would have had much better vocabulatory weapons at my disposal. So on that cringing, ever so Uriah Heep humble note, I take my leave. If any followers read this, please comment and let me know it made some tiny little iota of sense. Then again.....


  1. Well, 'diabolical' if you want to describe something that's evil in a well organised and carefully planned kind of way. 'Demonic' for something that's just crazed and destructive. Other possibilities: vile, despicable, fiendish, unholy... Depends what connotations and undertones you want to bring in.

    Roget's Thesaurus is your friend. Well, it's my friend anyway, and I think the two of you would get on well.

  2. I just love your profile comment about wanting to be Emily Bronte. And I so so sympathise about the losing words thing. I am only 45 and am suffering so badly from this, I keep having to ask people to wait when I am talking while I find the word I am seeking. Maybe my head is too full of stuff.
    with love Martine