Monday, 7 December 2009

Blogging gone Astray

I looked and I saw that my blogging is lacking in application, discipline and continuity, in fact it is bloody bad blogging, as I am not giving it my best attention. This thought came to mind (yes, I can occasionally collect thoughts), while reading of another blogger's experiences on Helium. I am always writing on there,with the exotic pen name of Dolores Moore. The upshot of reading that article was a surge of guilt for having neglected this particular practice, being a blogger.

Given that nobody really reads what I am writing, nor do they think it worthwhile to comment, which is only natural, as most people are too busy writing their own blogs and pieces, I feel rather isolated. I need the strokes, the feedback, the responses. That is what makes me a terribly bad blogger, I have gone astray and should have a firm purpose of amendment and write more on here.

Ah, but here's the rub. I have joined Facebook and am already becoming addicted. So until I find something else to moan about or praise, it is hasta la vista from Annie. For the moment.


  1. I read...but I'm happy to see you on Facebook. I hope you'll continue to stop by my blog once in awhile. I don't post everything there on Facebook. M

  2. Michelle, thank you for commenting. I cannot get the hang of this blogging business at all, I want to comment, on your blogs about running, and bloody well cannot find the way. Must try harder. Keep it up girl. Love, Anniex

  3. Facebook? Don't do it! Oh, too late...

    Seriously, I'm sorry not to read and comment more often. But you need to write more often. I read HiStandards' posts religiously, but hardly ever comment 'cuz they're all about running, and I don't feel I have anything to add. Same with yours: not that they're about running, but it's only about one time in ten that I feel it's addressed to me, and then I'll comment.

    So if you write ten posts a month, then I'll probably leave one comment a month. If you have nineteen other followers doing the same thing, that's two comments per post average. But it always helps to write more often.