Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Out of the Ether

Somehow, since last Thursday when I laid bare my wrinkles on Facebook, I have had tons of contact from old friends in America, those writers I used to commune with on TIBU. This is really exciting and so heartening to know that they still remember me, as I do them. Another strange by-product of entering the realms of electronic friendship, is that it has motivated me to write more.

Some people might be shaking their heads in dismay and reaching for the painkillers to address discomfort in various parts of their anatomy. But be warned. I can feel an attack of the verbals starting. The written words will pour, though for how long this is going to continue is anybody's guess.

Trouble is, I am a bit stalled for what exactly to write about,given that physical interventions seem to have stunted the mental processes of creativity. But as the old saying goes, "Where there's life, there's hope."

A serious comment now. I have just listened to a programme on BBC Radio 4 called 'The Choice.' An American doctor who practices late abortion, under threat of death, was being interviewed. A most interesting man, certain he was doing the right thing by the women who came to him. When asked if he had any problem with the morality of aborting at 34 weeks, he replied that the moral issue belonged to the woman in question. He also became very hot under the collar when the interviewer suggested that 34 weeks was almost full-term, a viable proposition for life. He just repeated, very angrily that "34 weeks is NOT full term. That is 40 Weeks."

Now I have no desire to cast judgement on those who make life changing decisions; I believe in their right to do so. But after hearing this man talking, and how he expressed his views, as he conducted his work with death threats hanging over himself and his family, I am in a quandary. I now have a moral dilemma to deal with. At the end of the interview, I beat up a cake and pretended it was Dr. Whoever, all the while muttering, "I don't like you." He has no children of his own. That's all folks.

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