Monday, 11 January 2010

Update on "Support Peter Robinson Northern Ireland First Minister" Group on Facebook

It is amazing to note that since creating this group a couple of days ago, 359 people have joined to pledge their support. Sad to note that Mr. Robinson has had to stand down in order to deal with the whole sad business and to help his family through it all. He intends to take about six weeks away from politics to sort things out on a personal level. He intends to clear his name. He has support from the Democratic Unionist Party.

From the majority of comments on the Facebook site, he has the support of ordinary people of all creeds and political beliefs, simply because he is a man of his word, he has proved his integrity by his past actions, and that is what matters. As ever, though, there are those who defeat the object by misunderstanding the meaning of the word "support." Several people have decided to pontificate on the morality of it all, though how the hell they would know what goes on inside somebody else's head or house is one of life's sweet mysteries. Red herrings have been swimming around, too but not worth the time and effort to explain here.

Let us hope the support continues and the group increases with positive messages and good wishes for Peter Robinson and his family.

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