Thursday, 7 January 2010

Farewell Wossie

Jonathan Ross is leaving the BBC, OK I know this this old news, but felt impelled to comment. All I am wondering is, does this mean, that savings made by not paying his huge and undeserved salary will be passed on to the license payers? I think not, but one can always hope. He has got to be the most over-paid, under-talented whateverheis that the media has ever spawned.

When he first became popular on TV, he was great fun, witty and almost humble in his ability to laugh at himself. He was talented without being arrogant. But over time, as his fame grew, so too did his ego, or so it appeared. The silly amounts of money he was paid - note I did not say earned - bear no resemblance to his actual abilities. Rather like those Turner Prize "artistic representations" where the Emperor's New Clothes come to mind, Jonathan Ross made it because so many fools believed the hype. As for his "difficult year" and the diplomatic, sycophantic speeches of BBC executives, I wonder how we could sack them all?

Oh well, no doubt the Beeb will find someone similar to endow with the vast sums of money that the citizens of Britain are forced to pay in license fees, or face a fine or jail, should they dare to refuse. Meanwhile, I am sure Mr. Ross will find other ways to get richer, and good luck to him. We should all be thankful that his wages will no longer be coming out of our pockets. We hope.

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