Thursday, 12 March 2009

Bloody Blogging!

I have stayed away to rest my head and hands, and then, when I want to say nice things to people about their blogs, the bloody thing keeps sending me odd scripts to copy, that is if they even load. "Tether" and "at the end of" are words I hear now. Anyway, that's enough of that carry on. Today the sun shone, the daffodils were almost open, the birds sang and my nose ran. To think I have got through major surgery, two bouts of very cold weather for these islands, and not a sniffle. But just when you think it's safe to get out there and dig, everything aches and you can't speak properly.

Echinecea (I think that's how you spell it) pills by the dozen, that's my policy and to that I must add hot lemon juice, tea and sympathy. I do have hopes for the lemon, if nothing else. Oh shut up, I tell myself, it's just a cold, get on with it. Sorry these ramblings are less than entertaining, but I have to let you know I feel so sorry for me that I need to express the feelings before blowing my sore nose yet again. Perhaps tomorrow will bring hope and comfort. Oh, look at those pigs flying past the windows.


  1. Vitamin C! Vitamin C! Vitamin C!

    I would expect that major surgeries, with their clear beginnings and endings, would be less perpetually irritating than the nose that runs and runs and runs. Poor You. You do have my sympathies. I hate colds.

  2. Ah Ruby, It was not a cold, just a false alarm, brought on by the clearing out of old paper files from my heyday as a training consultant. I confess to nostalgic affection for some of my own designed events, so....sniffles gone, but some of that pesky paper still remains. thank you for commenting.