Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Painting the Clouds with Sunshine

Well, I got Eric's weather blog back and now have NDR so I did something right! Today, it has chucked it down with rain, so I did not wait for the meticulous assistant and instead, spent five happy! hours leaping up and down a pair of step ladders. Though I merely undercoated one wall, painted the cornices and then a small alcove, I have disturbed the TV's equilibrium, dropped a Wilbur Smith book into the paint tray, and decorated my hair most tastefully with a huge white blob of paint.

Were it not for the fact that said blob is in the middle of my hair, I would take the scissors to it. I do not know how it happened, but there was paint running down the leg of my ladders, into quite a big pool on the floor. I got it folks, don't worry, I have five damp cloths to hand when I mount the steps. There was of course, a lot of climbing up and down and the use of the "f" word was prolific. Still, I should have it finished by tomorrow and then must address the task of varnish! Why in heaven's name I ever start these things, I will never know. If I don't stick my fingers together (I need to use superglue tomorrow), I will update you. Good to know NDR does dusting behind the furniture like I do.


  1. Always an adventure, this "tending to the hearth and home" business!

    My hubby is going away on a golf outing for six days, so I'll be firing up my caulk gun and taking to the windows in his absence. I work better without supervision. Or is it witnesses?

  2. I also work better without supervision OR witnesses. What they don't know don't hurt 'em.

    Painting. I hate doing it, but I love the idea. A few years ago when I felt like I had money I hired a man to paint our house, inside and out. That was wonderful. I got the best of both worlds. Of course it took us 8 or 9 months to put all the stuff back in place. Well, not all the stuff. Some of it's still missing.

    By the time I more or less finished the closet project of 2008-9 I had not only painted, I had primed, textured, applied drywall compound and tape, cut wood, driven nails and screws and generally used every dirty word I know, and invented a few new ones.

    Maybe we'll get moved back into our bedroom soon. We do have some guests coming this weekend, but I warned them they might be sleeping on the couch.

    In the midst of some painting, I carefully set a paint-covered stirring stick in the pizza box on the floor so it wouldn't mess anything up. An hour or so later I noticed the little trail of kitty prints on the carpet. "&^%$#$%$$#," said I.