Saturday, 14 March 2009

The Six Nations Again!

Today, Saturday 14 March, I am about to indulge myself in hours of rugby union excitement. I will wear gloves, I think, in order to stop myself biting my nails, when later today, Scotland and Ireland battle it out. Of course, I want Ireland to win not just the Triple Crown, but the Grand Slam. They are ahead by points, but were rather "iffy" at the last turn-out. I pray Ronan O'Garrah has his kicking foot in good working order. But first, I will see what Italy can do to give Wales a run for their money. Not much, I fear, but then Italy has only been part of the tournament for a few short years. Yet they a are brave and very game team, which is what for me, rugby union is all about. I am sure to be on here with some lay-woman's views after these events. Incidentally, if you want to read my explanation of the Triple Crown and its meaning for me, you can find it written by my middle name, "Dolores" at the link below - I hope! Links and I have a very stormy relationship, but I do try.

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