Friday, 27 March 2009

The Parcel Came!

Thanks to Eric Lester for his lovely comment full of gentle resignation. The parcel got here at last, the slipcovers within it were a joy, and after much huffing and puffing, and puzzling and pushing, I got them on the sofas. I am telling you, my delight knew no bounds, so I sent a thank you email to, bless their little cotton, faux suede, velvet, etc. hearts. It is so gratifying when you buy something because it looks good in the pictures, and you find it meets your expectations in reality. Oh, if only life were always so simple and pleasant.

Today, we are in the realms of Spring. So I got rained, hailed, snowed and blowed on in the course of my perambulations around the locality. I am not going to go into those, people would be propping their eyes open with match sticks and reaching for strong coffee to stave off yawns. All I will say is, that to get my bum on this computer chair is bliss, as it is the first rest I have had since 8.45 a.m. Enough.

What am I going to do tomorrow, with no rugby to watch? Perhaps I will purchase a pattern for knitting things and attempt to be creative. Am boring myself now, so will bid you farewell. That is, if there were any people who even said hello to this lot of rambling nonsense. Green men, little and large, wherefore art thou? Comment in your own language, I will attempt to translate.

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