Monday, 2 March 2009

What Am I doing Wrong?

Just when I thought I was getting the hang of it, I have lost Eric Lester's blog and NOT added NDRs as I smugly believed I had last night. Perhaps I am not cut out for this lark. Perhaps I had better dust off my telescope and start inviting the little green men in, that way, I might have some success, as they are bound to be more technologically advanced than I am!

Talking of dust, well today I surely was - really covered. I defy anyone to tell me they pull out their big furniture items to dust behind them every week. Today I did that in preparation for my BIG PAINT JOB. Now I know where that packet of throat sweets went last winter (2007) and also the King Edward cigar from circa same time. It was a good job I washed my face before setting off to school to pick up my beloved grand daughter. The washcloth was brown! Oh well, I feel the need to lie down with a good book and a bottle of horse linament. I promise to try harder with connecting, but quite what efforts are going to work is a mystery to me. Be patient and thank you, kind followers.


  1. I wish I could pop over and help out, but if it's any comfort - I DO see you listed on my blog site as being a follower, so that much is fine.

    Dust behind the furniture weekly? HA! Even a professional organizerlaughs at the idea. Annually, maybe.

    Enjoy that book, it sounds like you've earned it.

  2. Horse linament? Are things that bad back home, you can't even afford whisk(e)y?

  3. "I feel the need to lie down with a good book and a bottle of horse linament."

    I may adopt that as my personal mantra.

    It is difficult trying to keep up with the tibutian diaspora. I used to check in nearly every day, now weeks slip past before I get around to all the various places where folks have gone. And "all the various places" is not correct, I only make it to some of them.

    Ah life. That old saw plays in the background: "The only thing that remains the same is change."