Tuesday, 17 March 2009

St. Patrick's Day! A Good One to You All

Here I am, a time traveller, having fast forwarded one day and got mixed up. I was nearly going to break out the Guinness yesterday, 16 March, instead of today, when I wished you all a Happy St. Paddy's for the wrong date! Oh well, it just proves the possibility of loss of cognitive processes from certain medication. Not that I can afford any such loss, but you learn to live with dopiness, I have discovered, even if it drives those around you to excessive alcohol intake.

The point is, I am missing my shamrock, because whilever I had my Irish family alive and well, every year a little box would be posted to me, full of shamrock, which I would then pin on my lapel and strut around wearing for all to see. Alas, that is gone, but the good memories of the wearing of the green linger. So I am away to get out my favourite green sweater and wear that instead. Wherever and whoever you all are, if you celebrate the patron saint of Ireland, our Patrick, enjoy, sing and dance to your heart's content.


  1. If you're Irish, is there such a thing as "the wrong date" to break out the Guinness?

    Can't stand the stuff meself, but I've got to admire its marketing campaign. A worldwide chain of theme pubs? A whole day, celebrated in multiple countries, dedicated to your drink? That's an achievement and a half.

  2. A belated happy St. Pat's to you, Annie.

    Have you signed up at Sharp Quills yet?

    It's quite familiar-looking.