Thursday, 26 February 2009

Big Noises in A Tube

Today I had my third MRI scan, on my right hand in fact, but I still had to go in the big white sausage and be bombarded with all manner of interesting sounds. There I lay, on my front, arm extended and taped to a board so it would stay still. I imagined myself looking like John Travolta, you know the way he extends his arms in "Saturday Night Fever?" Great mover, John is but I, on the other hand was still as a rock. The pain was indescribable, from the shoulder to the finger tips, and as for the back and legs, well, I won't even go into that.

But it was in a good cause, as part of a research programme on the drug Arimadex, which will keep my breast cancer at bay, but make my bones fall to bits. You can't win 'em all. At least I am contributing to the field of medical science, as I pretend to be Mr. Travolta. Just to let you know that the lids are still on the tins of paint and may remain that way till I regain the power of my hands. Meanwhile, I'll just keep on taking the tablets.


  1. You sound quite adept at striking a pose, anniemoore. I'll bet he'd have been green with envy to see you.

  2. NDR, how great to have a comment from you. I go to your profile and cannot for the life of me work out how to comment back! Mind you, I found out the medications affects the cognitive processes - or at least some research is going on with that as topic. That's ALL I need!

  3. I wish I could offer some advice, but I'm pretty new here, too annamaria. I know if you go to my blog, Synchronicity, there's a box labeled "followers" and a button you can click that says "follow" or "sign in". If you're signed in to Blogger, you should be able to comment on my blog just fine, although mine is set to allow comments from anonymous folks as well...

  4. This interface is a little confusing. There is a view (I think it may be the default view) where in order to leave a comment, you have to click on the very tiny light blue letters beneath the post that say "2 COMMENTS" or "0 COMMENTS" or whatever the number is.

    I wish you well. That sounds extremely unpleasant.