Friday, 6 February 2009

A Virgin Blog

Nothing to do with Richard Branson, though I do admire the man. It's just that I decided to try this blogging lark, despite being computer illiterate. I have no idea what will happen, but await the outcome with some degree of fear and a tiny atom of excitement, if atoms are excitable. Of course they are, they have proved it in the past.

So today, I have leapt headlong into the water without the skills to swim, and look forward to some response from somewhere. Even little green men with zips up their backs would be something. Talking of which, I would be famous and become an expert on extra terrestrials and be invited to speak all over the world. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to speak, well actually, that is not quite true, writing is my biggest pleasure, so we shall have to see. More later, and if you looked at this, I hope your sanity is still intact. x

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