Saturday, 28 February 2009

France Wales Match - An Amazing Rugby Experience

Once again, I exhort you to visit the BBC homepage and look at the highlights of this tremendous battle. It was so exciting I now have no nails left at all and drank a whole bottle of Cava! I mean, at half time the scores were 13 points each and the hearts and souls of both teams were heroic. As they nipped off to the dressing rooms, one French player stood dripping blood like a veritable gladiatorial fighter, just one example of the ferocity of the game.

The French took on the Welsh dragon and slayed it, despite some rather unfair referee judgements against the Gallic squad in the first half. They came out fighting in the second, and thanks to strength of resolve and big chaps, a few unforced blunders by the Welsh, they won. Though I would say I supported Wales, my admiration for the French made me glad they were victorious. Especially since there is a player, whose name escapes me, with the looks of the late, great JC, bless him. I must end now, as kick off for the next 6 Nations game starts at 3.00p.m. I had better stock up on chewable items, just in case this game is as good as the one I write about.

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  1. I am reading you from newer to older, so I will repeat my comment on the next younger post: I really love these reports, though you might as well be describing a game played on one of the moons of Neptune for all my knowledge of what you're relating. Well done. If you keep this up I may have to start following the sport.