Thursday, 12 February 2009

Overstretched, But at least I'm Not a Scrum Half

It strikes me that I have overstretched myself by joining Triond - here I am at then up and starting this here blog. Not to mention writing things like "How to Clean a Teapot" or "How to Clean a Cat's Ears" on Helium. Dolores Moore there, of course, at Then, I have been so fortunate to meet up with some good old friends from TIBU, and want to get around to writing to them all. So I am going to go to and see what I can see.

The trouble is, I have to take a wee pill everyday and it is not a nice wee pill either. It affects the bones, muscles and joints, particularly the hands, and while it is a life saver, it means I will never play rugby for Ireland. Not that I could anyway, being as how I am over the rugby playing hill, the wrong sex and totally unfamiliar with the meaning of the offside rule (in that, I am not alone, dear reader). But typing and moving a mouse are becoming somewhat painful to say the least, yet I must soldier on. Aaah! Possibly I can get hold of some carrier pigeons and when I have written my pieces with my quill pen onto the best vellum, I can post that way. Meanwhile, I thank you for looking, commenting and apologise for the absence of inspiration, I think I had too much to eat at teatime. Or maybe it was defrosting the freezer as the snow fell on frozen ground.

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  1. The offside rule in rugger is really very simple, way more so than in football...

    Don't pass the ball forwards.

    Really, that's about all there is to it.