Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Big Tins of Paint

Me and the cat are saying nothing, simply because, for once in our lives, we appear to have nothing, or at least, very little to say. I have purchased several big tins of paint and will be very busy over the next few days be-daubing myself with said material. There will be a lot of cleaning involved, which always makes me depressed, both before and after the brushes are wielded. I have an offer of help from my daughter, but may not take her up on it, in the interests of family harmony.

I like to slap paint around willy nilly and just achieve a "general" impression of decor, while she is artistic and meticulous. There could be trouble ahead. I have abandoned rugby while I work out colour schemes and find my paint trays. As you can see, I am becoming obsessed and I still haven't stained the doors.

On top of all this, my computer was down and I could not get onto the Internet or access my Inbox, the latter of which matters not a jot or tittle, there is rarely much of interest in it nowadays since the Viagra salespeople have left me to my own devices. Still, I am hopeful of some surprises some day soon. If you read this, thank you, if you feel a comment blossoming thank you. If you did not, I do not blame you one little bit, as there are so many more interesting people telling more life enhancing stories out there. Be good, be careful and have fun.

1 comment:

  1. Slapping paint around willy nilly, are you mad, woman? Let the meticulous child do it while you sit back and watch, that's my suggestion!

    What colors are we pondering?