Friday, 13 February 2009

Rugby Again!

This is a quickie, as I must sort out my door-staining activities, with which I won't bore you. But if anyone is interested in sharing my passion for the Six Nations, I have a link for you to the BBC homepage, where you can re-live last weekend and get yourself all excited about the forthcoming England/Wales match. There is a big blue button on the right of the page, last time I looked, it was just below two tigers in the snow - everybody say "Aah" You can find it at and will be able to enjoy the highlights. SMG wanted me to link to the anthems, but I don't know how, perhaps you will hear them if you go to BBC, if not try YouTube, and good luck to you all.

Incidentally, I have noticed more followers, thanks to you all and Eric Lester, bless his little cotton socks. How on earth I get to follow back, remains a mystery, but give me time. As I write, I have just remembered, I wanted to tell you about a great band we have here called Elbow. I must hie me to Amazon to order their album, before I forget. It is titled "Seldom Seen Kid" and I would urge you to have a listen.

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  1. I'm here! I finally got a blog set up!

    I cross-posted one of my livejournal posts to get it started.