Tuesday, 10 February 2009

TIBU! Oh Thank You All and Hallelujah

First, thanks to Eric Lester, a gentleman of the Internet if ever there was one. He has told me what to do in responding, has brought you all to me, and though Facebook seems not to be my forte, I might have to get on over there. Bear with me, I am taking a long time with buttons and things in this blogging lark. Still, Eric has sent clear instructions, and I might be able to master the art of talking back to you all.

SMG is asking for audio links, my God, does he not fear for my sanity? Links, dear friends are sausages to me. NDR, Blueroses, and all the rest of you have gladdened my heart to be meeting again. But to return to sausages. Today, I met a friend for the naughty Full English Breakfast. Sausage, beans, egg, mushrooms, tomato, bacon, toast, tea, strawberry jam, an extra cup of coffee, and I thought I might be sick on the bus home. It was delicious but rather a lot for a smallish frame to cope with. Which is not to say I won't do it again. But not for a while, methinks.

A sobering yet interesting phenomenon is taking place in our great city. Several shops have sprung up that sell everything for £1. 00, yes $1.40 at the current exchange rate. They are absolutely heaving with shoppers as they sell everything from pillowcases to pilchards. I myself feel rather smug for purchasing some tinned salmon of the skinless, boneless variety, for almost half of the price it costs in a regular supermarket. It is not just poorer folk looking for a bargain that can be found in these outlets, but all kinds of people, seeking ways to make less money go further. Good idea, but a sure sign of the economic times.

Well, I am not going to dwell on that, but after visiting the dentist tomorrow, I am going to follow Eric, catserv109's advice and master the art of adding your blogs to mine and sharing comments. Please be extraordinarily patient, this may take some time and a lot of tears. Thank you for reading, commenting and supporting, I am over the moon, where I think the little green men must be getting ready to add comments.


  1. No tears necessary - internet and blogging frustrations are best dealt with by hurling a few choice words into the air.

  2. Hi Annie. TIBU Xigent here. (Or Ex-TIBU Igent. Whatever.) Happy to read your prose again, and happier still to see another soul taking the plunge into the blogware abyss.

    Was also pleased to add my avatar/icon to your Followers. (Blog Followers are, I gather, just a notch below Blog Disciples.) My avatar filled in the second row of your Followers and made the 11 Followers 12. That makes a perfect number of Followers as well as a perfect rectangle.

    You're so right about Brother Eric, too. He is "a gentleman of the Internet if ever there was one." He knows more about blogs than any hundred Microsoft programmers. Did you know that Eric always works on his blogs in a tuxedo?

    The tragedy is, though, that no one ever asks Eric (who prefers that I call him "Klingon Commander Lester" for some reason) about blogs. I think that's what he's hoping to hear from you, Annie. Lots and lots of blog-related questions. Down to the most picayune details.

    Wake K.C. Lester up at 3 a.m. with blog questions, in fact. That's the kind of challenge he likes best.

    Good luck, Annie! Looking forward to reading more of your stuff and to watching the bells and whistles accumulate on your blog page.

  3. Oh, and don't let my avatar frighten you. Had a little botox mishap, that's all.

  4. Xigent and NDR, thank you for commenting reading and putting your pictures on the blog. Now I am writing this in the hope that you get to read it - though I have no idea if that happens. Will get along to your blogs and add to them soon. Thanks again.x

  5. Good to see you here. Good things will come.