Sunday, 8 February 2009

Sunday - Day of Rest and Rugby

Well, I notice that not a single soul found its way to my musings, and once more onto the web, dear friends, or close the mouth up with all thoughts denied. Or something of that ilk. I have to admit to becoming addicted to the 6 Nations Rugby, though it only started yesterday. The England/Italy game was like watching paint dry, though the Italians were using their brushes with more artistry than the Brits. Much more exciting and amazing to watch was the Ireland/France battle in Dublin. How I chewed my nails down to the knuckles, wishing for Ireland to pull it off AND THEY DID. Well done lads, you cheered me up. I always get a lump in my throat when they play the Soldier's Song - I sing along too. But when the crowd roar out The Fields of Athenry, I reach for the kitchen roll to mop up my tears.

I have to sort myself for this afternoon's Scotland/Wales match, but I am sure it will never live up to the wonderful game from yesterday. I never saw so much blood, so many bumps and bruises, so many limping men, such bravery on both sides. We shall see what today's match brings. A word to Ireland's team, "Keep it up lads, you were bloody great."

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  1. Sheesh. They say American Football is violent.